2016–2017 CANVASS UPDATE, May 2016

By Elizabeth Altman,

Co-Chair, Emerson Canvass 2016–17



Canvassers have been making their way through the congregation, and the response has been encouraging. As of this update the church has received 84 commitments totaling $136,870.  We are getting closer to our goal of $160,000, but we need to push a little harder.


As a community we look forward to welcoming a new settled minister, and pushing our pledges to our goal will make the church fit to start its next chapter.  If you’ve been putting off your pledge please PLEDGE NOW at http://goo.gl/forms/ttOKUg1HfL.


If you’d like to revise your earlier pledge upward 10%, we’ve added a handy comment box you can use to let us know your intentions. Think of all Emerson gives us — the speakers, the ministries, the music, the calls to action — all of this needs your support.


And your support is tax-deductible.


If you are interested in joining our canvass effort please contact canvass co-chairs Elizabeth Altman (ealtman52@gmail.com) or Andrea Reuter (areuter1963@yahoo.com).   Also, we will continue to have laptops available after service during social hour so that canvassing volunteers can assist with filling out the online pledge form.